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Welcome to A-la-carte

Established in 2007, A-la-carte Hospitality Nepal has been working with the prime objective of bench-marking the Nepalese Hospitality Industry by producing the required human resources with skill, knowledge and attitude in vocational area.Since its inception, a la cart has been providing the wide range of Hotel related trainings for those who want to peruse short range Hotel trainings for speedy jobs in varied subdivisions of the Hotel business such as: Housekeeping, Food Production, Food and Beverage Services, Bar tending and front office.  To its extension, A-la- carte has been focusing on the Higher Diploma level vocational courses in General Hotel…

Message from Executive Director

Hari D. Joshi Executive Director

Dear Students, parents, staff and well-wishers: We are celebrating 10th year of the establishment of A-la-carte Hospitality Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The journey is very hard-yet very exciting. We have been able to establish A-la-carte as a unique Hospitality brand in Kathmandu. In the beginning, this French name was difficult to pronounce. However, in a long alliance the name A-la-carte became easy in every tongue. A-la-carte has a literal meaning of individually priced menu items of…

Training Programs

House Keeping

( 2 months) -AHN’s own certificate program

Flair Bar Tending

( 2 months)-)- AHN’s own certificate program

Food and Beverage

(2 months)- AHN’s own certificate program

Culinary Arts

1 Year Diploma in Culinary Arts (SQA) and 792 Hrs. Commercial Cooking and Baking (CTEVT)


My name is Bikash Lama. I am from Kavre, Dolalghat. I am not a graduate student. I have a keen interest and passion in cooking that’s why I am learning cook training in Alacarte Hospitality Nepal. It has helped me a lot after taking training here. The teachers here are very supportive and helpful. I am very grateful towards this organization for helping me in making my passion into my career.

Bikash Lama

I am Ayush Barsingh Thapa from Ramkot, Kathmandu. I am an undergraduate student. Working in kitchen has always been my hobby. That’s why I’m taking class in Basic Cooking in Alacarte.
I except it might help me in near future to get a job. This place has taught me about punctuality, discipline and hard work required in kitchen. The environment is very friendly and academic.

Ayush Barsingh Thapa

I am recently learning Food and Beverage service training in A-la- carte HospitalityNepal Pvt. Ltd, New Baneshwor. I was recommended by my friend to join classes here. I am verythankful towards him that because of him I got the opportunity to get training from Alacarte and get toknow about food and beverage. I am very grateful and pleased to have such friendly environment and very co-operative teachers.I hope that since a-la- carte Hospitality Nepal is a CTEVT affiliated organization, It will give benefit to my Career and support me while applying abroad.

Saurav Ayer


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