Message from Executive Director

Hari D. Joshi
Executive Director

Dear Students, parents, staff and well-wishers:
We are celebrating 10th year of the establishment of A-la-carte Hospitality Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The journey is very hard-yet very exciting. We have been able to establish A-la-carte as a unique Hospitality brand in Kathmandu. In the beginning, this French name was difficult to pronounce. However, in a long alliance the name A-la-carte became easy in every tongue.
A-la-carte has a literal meaning of individually priced menu items of an outlet and also is synonymous to the list of general items of any business. Thus, it is a common name.
Under the aegis of A-la-carte Hospitality Nepal, we are now operating Dupka, The Family Restaurant which basically serves the far western cuisine of Nepal, which has been a hidden treasure for last couple of decades. We are very fortunate yet very happy to make all of you a part of this venture which is aimed to establish as a destination for different functions and celebrations and also a job front for needy people.
We are united with a team of highly experienced people, who are striving to adopt the most contemporary professional methods in all academic and operational aspect of the establishment. As committed last year we made a modern function hall for your meetings and seminars. In the academic side, we started  Diploma in Global Culinary Arts (DGCA) program in association with Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). This way the youths of Nepal can get an internationally certified vocational qualification right here in Nepal.
We always need your feedback, support and love for a harmonious growth.
Wish you a very happy association with us and thank you for giving us a chance to serve.